Rita Berghuis
Textile Art


2015, June 3-6 - Biarritz (F)

Quilt en Sud


Rita Berghuis - 'Diagnosis braintumor III' (detail)

In the Halle d'Iraty in Biarritz in France the Quilt en Sud-expo will take place from June 3-6. Dutch textile artists will show their work in a show.
My work 'Diagnosis braintumor III' will be displayed. I dedicate this work to a friend who fell ill four years ago and died from a braintumor.

More info about the exhibitions in Biarritz on: www.quiltensud.com.

2015, August 2-September 13 in the Evangelische Stadtkirche in Karlsruhe (Germany)

Zeichen der Zeit


Rita Berghuis - 'Jungle_No time to waste II' (detail)

Rita Berghuis made for the 'Zeichen der Zeit' ('Signs of times')-exhibition the new work 'Jungle_No time to waste II'. This work asks the viewer: what do we do with our earth? More explicit: how do we take charge of the lungs of our world?

More info about this travelling exhibition on the website of Gudrun Heinz, organizor and curator of this exhibition: www.quiltsundmehr.de.

2013, August

Marjan Ruitenberg and Rita Berghuis in Reelkirchen, Germany

Marjan Ruitenberg and Rita Berghuis exhibited together in Reelkirchen-Herrentrup, Germany.
The 2013 theme was "Patchwork tut der Seele gut", which means: patchwork is good for your soul.

Reelkirchen Reelkirchen Reelkirchen

2013, Spring

Expo in Arti Legi (Gouda-NL)

bruid en bruidegom

Rita Berghuis - 'Bruid en Buidegom' - detail

Works in the book 'Artquilts in Nederland' written by Henk Lijding were exhibited at the gallery of Arti Legi in Gouda (NL).

More info on: www.artquiltsnederland.nl.

2013 April 5, 6, 7 - Prague Patchwork Meeting

TeXui and workshops Rita Berghuis

middellandse zee zonsondergang

Rita Berghuis - 'Mediterranean' and 'Vacation at the Beach - Sunset', detail

The 7th Prague Patchworkmeeting will take place from April 5- 7. During these days there will be several exhibitions. One of them is the TeXui-show.
Some of the workshops will be teached by Marjon Hoftijzer and Rita Berghuis.

More info about the program and other activities: www.praguepatchworkmeeting.com.

2012 - Geluk, Tsjechov at the Veenkoloniën

Decor Rita Berghuis - After the Performance

na de voorstelling

Rita Berghuis - After the Performance (2012, 440 x 463 cm, detail)

May 2012 a cultural project called 'Geluk', which means 'Happines' started. May 20 three huge quilt of 4,5 x 4,5 meter each were presented.
The focus of this cultural event lies on the work of Anton Tsjechov. The event took place in Zuidwending, a little village near Veendam in the Netherlands.
Theater was performed in three large wooden cubes, 6 x 6 x 6 meters, each of them with a decor based on a story of Tsjechov. These huge decorationquilts of about 4,5 x 4,5 x 4,5 meters are made by Rita Berghuis, Marijke de Boer en Marjolijn van Wijk.
Ritas decor will be shown in a school in Stadskanaal: Noorderpoort, which is building project and will be finished in the summer 2014.

2010-2012 and 2014

MeerArt expo '...und fuhren übers Meer'


'Ze voeren over zee...' is an expo about navigation, but also about emigration, diving etc. So the seven Dutch and the seven German members of MeerArt show about 50 quilts with great diversity.
We hope to show this exhibition once more in Riga-Latvia.