Rita Berghuis
Textile Art

Nederlands / Deutsch

I am fascinated by light and colour.
I love to explore textiles and textilelike materials. In my work I use the endless possibilities of changing the texture by stitching, dyeing, cutting, tearing, rearranging, embellishing to tell my stories.
I find inspiration in culture and nature, but also in everyday life.
I work spontaneously, intuitively, striving for a perfect colour balance, for subtle contrasts in colour.


2015, June-September

Decor Rita Berghuis


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Biarritz, France

June 2015

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2015, August

Textile workshop Thesinge-NL



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Landscape - decor on behalf of the Werkman-project in Thesinge-NL

landschap landschap

In Thesinge in the Netherlands is 2015 a year to remember artist Werkman. In Thesinge there will be a new play about the life of H.N. Werkman with a decor from Rita Berghuis. Children from the school 'De Til' in Thesinge ware involved in this project.

Antependium green, violet and white

antependium antependium antependium white

The green antependium is the first of a series of four. Green is the colour of life, growing, hope and streams into the future. The violet antependium is the second of the series. Violet has a special liturgical meaning. It is as much the colour of sorrow as it is the colour of expectation, the advent-period. The third piece is white and will be employed on Christmas day.